How I got saved

by Veronika Berastsen

I’m Nikki, I am 28 years old, married to my best friend Phil, with two amazing kiddos Lucy and Arsseniy. Today I wanted to take the time to share how God has saved me and been working on me ever since! Life is a beautiful journey, its hard at time but worth it at the end. Enjoy!

I was born into a typical christian family. We all had to go to church, we got together in the evenings for prayer, but i never had my own relationship with God.

When I was 16, I got a job as a cashier at Bartell Drugs. It was an amazing first job! I had my own car, I paid for my own insurance. I was pretty mature in that aspect of my life. I got friends, I got boyfriends, what else do I need right? I started living a worldly life. It was awful, I did ALOT of things that I regret to this day. Although deep down in my heart I knew everything I was doing was wrong and I craved for a relationship with God, yet I still kept choosing the wrong ways.

My relationship with my parents was not existing at that time. I was living under their roof but I did whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. I was in a serious relationship with an older boy for 4 years, we were engaged but not planning to be married for a while. We broke up alot and then ended up back together. I thought there was no way out from this vicious cycle! I knew being with him is a barrier between my relationship with the Lord and I. After 4 long years, I finally broke it off for good when I met someone else. Meeting someone else gave me the nudge to end it once and for all.

I decided to go back to church and become a member. My first time going back to church I attended a youth service. The first person to greet me was a tall handsome guy, who I didnt pay any special attention to at that time (who is now my husband). He was nice, introduced himself and made me feel welcome. Couple days later he got my number from one of my friends and called me to invite me to go to the mountains with a group of people. I decided I needed to be more social and I needed to be a part of my youth so I accepted his invitation.

I went to the mountains with them, he told me he saw a dream and he saw my face in the dream and that I was going to be his wife. I was shocked (I did have another boyfriend at that time.) The next couple of weeks he was my best friend that I never had, he would call me and talk to me on the phone for hours, telling me how much Jesus loves me and how much I mean to Jesus, I would just cry not saying a single word. I started falling in love with him because I saw Jesus through him. This was the first time someone has told me about Jesus and His love for me. I started falling in love with Jesus too. I wanted to be a christian and I wanted a relationship with God.

He gifted me a book called The Purpose Driven Life, What on Earth Am I Here For, by Rick Warren. I started reading the book, ended up crying some more. God used this man Phil, with this book to open Himself up to me.

A few months later I broke up with my boyfriend so I can be with Phil. About a month after that I went to a missionary trip with my church to Mexico. It was life changing! It was an amazing trip where I saw more of God. His miracles, His love, His mercy.

Ever since then I know whats wrong and right. I know how I want my life and I don’t let anything change me. In the past 7 years I have grown so much in the Lord and I have 100% faith that I am saved.

Of course I have had moments where I fell and sinned and fell short of Gods mercies, but He has never let me go. He shows me His grace daily. He blessed us with two wonderful children that I want to forward all my knowledge about God to them. To show them Jesus through me, the way I saw Jesus through my husband. Getting to know God, changing and growing is a life long process and I am excited to see what my future holds. God is so good! Hallelujah!

Looking back now I can see how God turns the bad into good for His Glory. Although I have my regrets, it makes me wonder maybe I needed to go through all that dirt to be able to love others more and help others. This verse always reminds me of how much God has forgiven me.

NIV- Luke 7:47 Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven- as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.

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