Earthquake in WA: July 12th 2019; my story

by Veronika Berastsen

I sudden awoke and sat up on my bed. I’m not exactly sure what woke me up. As soon as I sat up I knew it was an earthquake.

I was alone in that room. My kids room is down the hall with the kitchen separating us.

I took my phone to see what time it was. 2:51 am.

I was so freaked out I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to my kids. All I could do was sit on my bed and cry out to God.

My past week flashed before my eyes. I felt guilty for the times I chose to waste my time watching YouTube instead of listening to the gentle voice inside to spend some extra time with God. I was full of fear. I was not ready to die.

I was asking God to protect us and to forgive me and to have mercy on us. At that moment I thought I was about to die and the only thing that mattered was me and God. Not my husband, not my kids. Me and God.

I know it sounds a bit dramatic. Maybe if I was younger I would react to this earthquake differently.

My window was slightly open, I could hear a rumbling and a howl as if it was a wind storm. My whole house was shaking for what felt like a minute. The mirrored doors of our coat closet next to my room made the most noise. I think that’s what woke me up in first place.

Then it stopped for a second and came the aftershock. It was a pretty strong one. 3.5 magnitude.

I kept waiting for a bigger one to start but it didn’t. I laid back down and I was so shook up I was scared to look at my phone. 9 minutes later I took my phone and went to This is what I saw.

It made me realize how I need to live more by the spirit and not by flesh. I can only imagine how scary the end of the world will be when Jesus comes.

Thank God is was not worse.

Revelation 22:12

And,behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

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